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Taller Design by Marta Vilallonga

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We create transformative spaces that move souls. From private residences, to public buildings, we empathise with our clients, crafting homes that evolve symbiotically with their needs. Our human-centric design philosophy shapes harmonious public environments, anticipating trends and fostering connection. We inspire through design.

Among ski slopes French Alps Resort

PR. 2851

To respect what exists B-REEL Offices

PR. 1755

Aiguablava House

PR. 2672

Where light brings warmth Taller Design Studio

PR. 494

Human Sciences Center Business School – UM6P Ben Guerir

PR. 3294

Science & Technology Center – UM6P Ben Guerir

PR. 3252

A muntifunctional space Sports Facilities – UM6P Ben Guerir

PR. 3107

Digital Center – UM6P Ben Guerir

PR. 3186

Learning Center – UM6P Ben Guerir

PR. 3162

Student Center – UM6P Ben Guerir

PR. 3132

Administrative Building – UM6P Ben Guerir

PR. 3212

Hotel – Campus for Mohammed VI Polytechnic University Rabat

PR. 1847

Sea and glass Bay Luxury Mansions

PR. 291

Rock and glass Mountain Luxury Mansions

PR. 273

An artwork Desert House

PR. 329

Mansion with a view Pedralbes House

PR. 309

Divinum Domum Almada House

PR. 340

An exceptional silhouette Symbol Residence

PR. 541

Under a big pergola Amphitheater and Public Square – UM6P Ben Guerir

PR. 3352

Flexible work spaces D38 – Offices Zona Franca

PR. 476

A timeless space. Sebastian Bach

PR. 266

Palaces and gardens Palashevskiy Lane 11-15

PR. 352

La Hacienda Abidjan House

PR. 366

An urban oasis 3900 Alton Road

PR. 404

Competition Nou Camp Nou

PR. 383

Brick and glass Moinian 220 11th

PR. 423

EMINES School of Industrial Management – Campus for Mohammed VI Polytechnic University Ben Guerir

PR. 1869

Congress Center – Campus for Mohammed VI Polytechnic University Ben Guerir

PR. 1801

On a sheet of water Star Island House

PR. 433

Beijing Capital International Airport – Terminal 2

PR. 684

Kazakhstan Hotel

PR. 1978

A sensory experience Leningrad

PR. 455

Loreta’s Private Residence

PR. 1549

Knowledge and inspiration Havel’s Library Foundation

PR. 1534

The poetry of flight Barcelona Airport – Terminal 1

PR. 706

The Intimate Ultimate La Polvera – La Fábrica

PR. 639

Hotel Vela W Barcelona

PR. 557

Cultural is Social Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes

PR. 526

An exhibition and events great hall La Catedral – La Fábrica

PR. 623

Calm & sexiness Sauna – La Fábrica

PR. 672

Seminal Cube Sala Cúbica – La Fábrica

PR. 652