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Taller Design by Marta Vilallonga


We create objects and furniture that blend elegance, function and simplicity. Whether these creations are interwoven with ongoing projects or as independent pieces, our primary aim is to enhance the collaboration with the brands and partners we collaborate with.

Ricardo and Marta Candles

PD. 1147

Marta Chair

PD. 735

Coma, Luna, Mira and Neva Doorknobs

PD. 1132

Ricardo Chair

PD. 1126


PD. 3046

Colombo Lamps

PD. 3032

Sensó Royal Armchair

PD. 853

Sensó Armchair

PD. 813

Mauro Bench

PD. 825

Tats Bench

PD. 773

Streetlight 333

PD. 762

Garden Bollard

PD. 802

Ice Bollard

PD. 790

Prat Bin

PD. 720

Cibeles Bin

PD. 839

Prima Linea Bins

PD. 747

Totem Cadaqués

PD. 1185

Mare Door Handle

PD. 1173